Hybrid Design service for a unique Beauty Salon.

On-going – full stack Graphic Design services, including branding, website, signage & print, photography & social media for a Beauty Salon that breaks the mould – Bang Bang Beauty Bar.

A complete Design service for an artistic & edgy Beauty Salon.

Bang Bang Beauty Bar is a salon that breaks the mould. It’s a bold space. It’s fun, vibrant & creative and I’ve been onboard since it’s inception, which is a given since we are lucky enough to be family : )

Shop Design, Bespoke Art, Branding & Signage that defines the salon space.

Draft Design Co. has been involved with all facets of design at Bang Bang. We started with the salon space, designing and finding bespoke art pieces and furniture and managing the fit out. We’ve created a beautiful brand from the ground up and implemented it in the Website Design, across Signage and in Print.

Creativity across all design touchpoints.

Bang Bang also gives us the opportunity to get creative with our other passions – Copywriting throughout the Website, creating and writing for Social Media and Photographing and Filming projects of the space and staff. We've also designed a handy links page to drive traffic to the website but also direct you to where you want to go with Bang Bang. Try it out via the below link.