Logo & Brand for a Mushroom Farm.

A new look logo and brand for a new mushroom farm growing Gourmet Mushrooms – Urliup Farm Co.

Taking a Mushroom Farms Fiver Logo & turning it into a bespoke brand.

Fresh Gourmet Mushrooms using Sustainable Farming Methods was the outline from Urliup Farm Co. who recently got serious about mushroom production.

We were presented with a logo that was commissioned through fiver and did it's job of being a farm logo - but it didn't give you much more.

We put the owners idea's, background and their produce through our consultation and briefing process to produce a new brand that spoke of them and what they were growing.

A logo & branding from the heart of a family and a farm.

We developed a logo based on the topographical mapping of the farm and have taken a minimalist, organic, earthy approach to the brand which is also influenced by not just this Northern NSW farm but from the Japanese roots of one of the owners.

It is as amazing for us as it is for a small business to see the ideas presented in print. We've designed and supplied labels, kraft paper flyers, market stall signage and concepts for grow box packaging for this start-up.